Our philosophy

A self replacing flock of structurally sound cleanskin sheep that has a quality carcase with the flexibility to be sold at trade or export weights.

No Shearing

No Rams at Boxdale are shorn ever, you can buy with confidence knowing your Ram will not go home and grow wool!


No Foot Trimming

Trimming Feet is totally counter productive and we don’t stand for it at Boxdale. We never trim feet on our farm and find that it is seldom a sheep presents with this problem.

No Supplementary Feeding

Ever brought a ram home and found that he was extremely pampered? We have and we don’t like it, all rams born at Boxdale receive no supplementary feeding and are run under commercial conditions in a rotation of native and improved pasture in paddocks of around 500 acres, ensuring your ram is ready for work when he gets home.

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